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Be it a home, office or flat, moving is surely a hectic task when you are doing it by yourself. We are here to make your life easy. Just sit back and relax in your new place!

We, at Kent Removals assist you in moving homes, offices, flats by providing expert packaging, removal men and van services. Kent Removals is a fully professional and dedicated company, offering moving services in Erith, Maidstone, Tonbridge and Kent for many years


Our Services:

Our genuine packaging services are reliable as we assure the items are moved in the condition you left in. The handling from packaging, transportation, dismantling, till reassembling items is carried out with expertise and care by our diligent workers. We cater both domestic and commercial removal services in the area whether you are moving in a short distance or long, we take care of all your items to be moved perfectly.

Our professional workers are trained for the packaging services who handle the wrapping, boxing and fitting of items in a proficient way. Our packaging supplies also have first-class material from the best manufacturers.

Kent Removals is customer-preferred when it comes to transporting their belongings while moving, as we have the removal vans that are fully equipped with trolleys, blankets, straps, bungee cords etc. The size of vans is not an issue at all, we have all the range of vans for every size of furniture to move. The van sizes are adaptable for the sizes of office and household items as per customers’ requirements. We do removals in Erith, Maidstone, Tonbridge, and in various areas of Kent. We keep everything secure in the van to avoid damage to your items. We do not use our workers for litter clearance, ensuring the vehicles’ inside is always kept clean.

Our Expert Removal Team:

Our expert workers are experienced in moving services and will be happy to assist you in your domestic house moves, commercial moves, and flat moves, with transportation, packaging services, removal and storage needs.

Whether you are moving a single room, a large house or commercial/office space, we can do it for you quickly and effectively. At Kent Removals, our trained staff works productively and soundly so you can enjoy your new place in no time. In the whole process, our team makes sure to recycle the items that are of no use for customers to protect the environment. The customers when they want to throw away the goodies in usable/average conditions, we lower the quote and take care of your items.

Before arriving for moving services, we communicate fully with the moving party and pre plan to use the right vehicles, to facilitate the storage needs. We provide the professional packaging supplies and services to ensure the moving of items is secure and safe. You can always rely on Kent Removals as we have dived deep in experience in moving business for many years.

No matter how your furniture is shaped, we will use our skill and expertise to find a solution that fits!

Save Time and Money on Your Move

Our top two qualities are speed and reliability. We always exceed our customers’ expectations by going above and beyond in providing services. Feel free to contact us on our website, and you’ll immediately see a detailed quote online, showing the costs and details. You will also be notified via a confirmation email regarding your booking.

Happy Moving!

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